These Time Be A Changing

by dkinson on January 9, 2011

So I am still fighting nausea from chemo. This time I am doing it without pot because no one has any to spare. So I am sticking to the regular. Rett is now of to get what we need to have a charcoal BBQ although it will be a few days before we can take care of it. But we havw been jomesomg some BBQ 

So until then I gave Rett the list for Brisket to slow cook over night in the over also I got the stuff to make Jerky because reasilistically I can  make the most awesome jerky and it is painfully simple stuff to do . As I do it I will post the recipes. Quick, Simple, and easy to do.

Additionally as you might have noticed, when I showed my new glasses my goatee has slowly been turning white, and My wife has been driving me crazy saying the dog has been shedding on my, shirts and things,

For some reason I reached up and pulled thumb full of whiskers and you know I pulled a thumb full of whiskers and sent the road to their demise. So out came the razor and away it goes,


Well as many of you know I got the wheelchair and the walker and I am using it. I have fallen 2 xs and had 3 people have to help me out and it when it was over. NOW we are getting a chair for the shower once that happens I think I can somewhat function  haha


January 6, 2011

Well here it is Thursday, I am in yet another wannabe comatose state dying to go back to sleep. Which as soon as I complete this I may just do that. Saw the oncologist Tuesday and we had a long talk about all the crap I got going on. It seems that I somehow was [...]

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The Big Day

January 3, 2011

 I think the walker will be more useful that the wheelchair, simply because it is easier to get the walker around, the wheelchair is gonna be a bitch to load in the car, I was wanting to get and electric cart but I have yet to figure a way to get it to point B [...]

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Happy New Year

January 1, 2011

Here it is Saturday, The first day of a new year, and really I cannot help but think it is my last one. It doesn’t help that I am still sick from chemo, and I spent last night alone in bed being sick, Rett went out with her friend to see a movie, there was [...]

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Sorry, Chemo is Kicking My Ass

December 30, 2010

I am sorry I have not been able to update you guys sooner, but when I had chemo Tuesday, I woke up the next day so sick and so nauseated that I could not function. I tried all the meds they gave me to no avail, and spent all day in bed miserable, popping the [...]

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The Day After

December 26, 2010

Well yesterday was the big day, Christmas 2010, who knows maybe my last one. It was a good day; I actually had an appetite and ate a lot which surprised Loretta as well as me too. I visited the family for a while and had a good time and when we left there I took [...]

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Well, is GOOD News, Rett’s Been gone, I can use the heat!!!!

December 25, 2010

It’s Christmas…  don’t think there will be a blog today,I think I will justfy the lack of one blog and a heads up,So no blog today!! for choP!!!

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Rethinking and Rexplaining

December 23, 2010

You know it occurs to me that I have been doing nothing really but reporting what is happening as it happens here, initially I wanted to let you guys into the back thinking I was going through so in that vein I am changing this blog entry up a little bit. I know you are [...]

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Wheelchair, Walker, and Taking A Spill

December 21, 2010

Well I haven’t updated this in a few days and sadly there has been lots going on to keep me from updating, lots of crappy health stuff. Friday, I had to go into the Texas Oncology, and get some fluids via IV. I have been slightly dehydrated lately. So while I was there they ran [...]

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Sickness… Wasn’t Expecting This

December 19, 2010

Man the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of activity, starting with getting a phone call of our own. Well as it turns out that Brady James rich food was not the cause I picked up some sort of fires, Dr, Aurora had called in the proper scripsts.Well I was too excited and just [...]

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Potentially Sick but Hoping They Call…Wish Me Luck

December 16, 2010

Well it has been 2 days now since dinner wish Brady and I still taste that dry aged beef all day long and I am dehydrated, After countless trips to the bath room for both urinary and other emergencies and somehow managing to make it, all the time I finally recalled Dr, Aurora and explained [...]

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